Relax, Release and Renew

At Our Award-Winning Sedona Spa

Amara’s Massage Therapists are seasoned in providing a variety of massage and body services at various duration to remove stress, relieve muscle and joint pain, recharge stress areas and transform your energy. Read more about our treatments, available daily from 10 am – 6 pm:

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30 minutes/$80 
60 minutes/$140 
90 minutes/$200 
Massage uniquely designed to create a sense of calm inner peace and serenity. Our talented therapist will personalize this treatment by using the best techniques for you, removing all stress and completely relaxing your mind, body, and spirit. Bliss.

30 minutes/$90 
60 minutes/$155
90 minutes/$215 
Your therapist will target chronic muscle tension by focusing on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Slower massage strokes and more specific direct deep pressure are applied to affect underlying muscles and structure of the body. Other movements such as; compression, slower motion, deeper pressure, kneading, stretching and an herbal massaging agent may be incorporated to assist in joint pain. Release.

Sacred Stones 
60 minutes/$165 
90 minutes/$240 
Begin this sacred journey with heated smooth basalt stones, hand selected to melt away your tension. As your therapist expertly massages tired muscles, allow the heat from the basalt stones to travel through to deeper layers of tissue, so you can receive the benefits of a deep tissue massage without the extra added pressure. Grounding.

30 minutes/$80 
60 minutes/$140 
Your feet hold mini maps of reflex points that correspond to other parts of your body. Reflexology is an ancient healing system of applying direct pressure to these points on feet and hands, which will reduce tension and address your nervous system. Uplifting. 30 minute service focuses on feet only.

Perfect Balance 
60 minutes/$140 
A combination that pairs 30 minutes of attention to your back, neck and shoulders with 30 minutes of reflexology on your feet. Perfectly targets stress areas common to most people. Recharge.

Pea in a Pod 
60 minutes/$140 
You will be cradled in a sense of peace and balance during this profound time. This tailor-made massage nurtures both mother and baby by improving circulation and lymph flow. Gentle pressure will reduce swelling and discomfort, especially in the lower back. Precious. Please indicate how far along you are in your pregnancy.

Time for Two 
Experience the Spa together, at no additional charge, by selecting any of the previous treatments and enjoy our Couples room. Services are individually priced.

Amara Signature Services

Guided Meditation 
30 minutes/$80 
Begin your spa meditation with focused breathing guided by an expert therapist helping connect you to your inner self. The sounds and vibrations of heart chakra tuning forks are combined with Sedona sun-charged rose quartz crystals to facilitate a concentrated state of relaxation.

Rose quartz is known as "the love stone". Its energetic hallmark is that of unconditional love which opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love and romantic love. These crystals are best known for emotional healing and easing loneliness, heartache and aids forgiveness and self-forgiveness.

Infused oil is used from a local artesian distillery with the aromas of the Verde Valley.

As a parting gift, guests receive a rose quartz crystal and heart affirmation to continue the meditation beyond the walls of Amara Spa. Calm. Can be added to select services.

Rain Dance 
60 minutes/$150 
Integrating body, mind and spirit, this ceremonial massage uses our signature oils of lavender, rosemary, and sage luxuriously dropped down your spine. Ease into this harmonious dance as sprinkles of lavender oil both relax you and address fatigue. Rosemary oil trickles down next in this powerful service for deeper clearing and healing effects. Purifying and grounding qualities of sage are then delivered along with a rhythmic movement dancing you into tranquility. Conclude with a warm oil scalp massage. Refresh.

Winds of Change 
90 minutes/$205 
Native rattles, smudging with sage, crystals and specially crafted oils, combined with compassionate healing hands, reconnect your being to your spirit nature. Our gifted healers use energy, to balance your chakras and connect you to the spirit of ancient healing ritual. The wind of a feather sweeps away tension. This complete service includes a relaxing massage. Transformation.

Massage Enhancement added onto any massage

Warm Oil Scalp Massage 
15 minutes/$30