Valley To Table Cuisine

Dig Into SaltRock Southwest Kitchen

Open, airy, casual and bright, SaltRock Southwest Kitchen is an authentic taste of Sedona. Our culinary blueprint blends the seasonal approach of California cuisine with traditional Southwest fare and local Verde Valley ingredients. 

Our agave-based beverage program rockets the ever-popular margarita to new levels of wow. When the weather’s nice (which is a lot), we highly recommend having your breakfast, lunch or dinner on the outdoor patio, surrounded by Sedona’s ravishing Red Rocks.

In addition to sublime entrees and shared plates, SaltRock offers a “grab and go” collection. Don't hit those intense Sedona trails without a turkey wrap, fruit parfait or house-made trail mix.

We are also pleased to offer complimentary valet parking to our dining guests. Reservations can be made through Open Table below.