Work From Here, Learn From Here

Work From Here, Learn From Here. 

Work or conduct remote school from our new private and dedicated classroom and office space. Take your workcations to the next level in Amara's adaptable and private 750 square-foot work and learn lounge. It comes equipped with an  on-call executive assistant and a dedicated local concierge to coordinate off-site wellness experiences so travelers and families can explore the beauty of red rock country without skipping a beat. A teacher's aide is also available at no charge and a professional nanny for $50 an hour, booked two weeks in advance. 

Local Remote Work Experience Concierge

Amara has has partnered with local experience concierge, Marci Taylor with RemoteWell, to assist guests in booking off-site, Sedona-centric experiences so they can further explore the metaphysical energy and fabled vortexes for which the small Northern Arizona town has become famous for. From taking a bike ride or hike through one of the hundreds of surrounding trails to relaxing the mind, body and spirit through guided meditation and yoga practices. Prices will vary based on the experience and arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance of the stay.  

Email or call 929-282-4828 for more information and to request dates to reserve the space.

The Work and Learn Lounge Includes: 

Classroom seating, conversation soft seating,  whiteboard and markers, speakerphone, screen and projector (on request), print /fax/scan station, and office supplies on request.