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5 Element Balancing Facial

Sedona Seasonal Special Treatment

Reconnect Spiritually with Sedona's Vortexes

Travelers from all over the world head to Sedona to reconnect spiritually with the local environment, explore the fabled vortexes and harness the metaphysical energy for which Sedona has become famous.

Begin your journey floating on a cushion of warm water and connect to the Earth by breathing in Sedona fir. Air is purified by a warm glowing salt lamp to deepen relaxation. Continue in a state of reflection with vibrational sounds of a vortex metal heart chakra singing bowl to promote healing from daily stress. During your facial you will experience a warm stone hand and arm massage complete with a luxurious hand treatment. Your facial massage will incorporate the use of petrified wood-carved stones to encourage renewal and regeneration for personal growth. Alight dusting of mineral make-up and a cup of refreshing energetically charged 5 element water welcomes you back to this world. Transformation.

5 Elements

  • Fire ~ passion
  • Water ~ reflection
  • Earth ~ grounding
  • Metal ~ strength
  • Wood ~growth

Amara Spa also offers other Sedona-centric treatments utilizing Native American rattles, sage smudging, healing crystals, chakra balancers, custom oil blends and the detoxifying properties of local Sedona mud. The spa's enchanting experiences are rich in native ingredients and reflect a sincere love for the area.

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